New version of Windows 365 Boot feature

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Last time I had a chance to work with Microsoft on the newest feature for Windows 365 – Boot, which I described on this blog post

As you know, you should enable two configuration profiles, ESP and set up Windows Insider version.

But there are new version and today I want to show you how to implement better Boot version!

But please remember that this feature is still in preview and can be later adjusted or changed. When I receive information that policy was changed – I will update post. Thank you for understaing!

Of course – you should still add two apps – Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop (HostApp) – they are required to have proper connection to our machines and for now – you should use Windows Insider version. In future – those options will be delivered in production version of Windows.

But now…

Just create one configuration profile. With one setting!

So, start with creation of new configuration profile and add only one setting from settings catalog:

Enable Boot To Cloud Shared PC Mode (Windows Insiders only) with value: Boot to cloud shared pc mode enabled

Exactly like on below screen.

New version of Windows 365 Boot feature

No more profiles. No more OMA-URI settings. Just one setting from Settings Catalog. In background – is managing other settings – which are described on this Microsoft Documentation : CloudDesktop CSP – Windows Client Management | Microsoft Learn

What next?

After installation of required software which I mentioned earlier and Windows Insider version – end user will see feature in action.

New version of Windows 365 Boot feature

For more information visit that page.

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