Couple words about this website and myself.

Why I created this site?

I started blogging couple years ago. That was a very simple blog, mostly about Intune and HelpDesk work for my previous employer. After some time – decided to start writing much more. Only in Polish language. Now I’m trying to use only English language, because… this language is very important.

But you will be able to find also content in Polish in this website. Because I moved all content from my all previous blogs – to this, one new blog.


Couple words about myself

A man which love to learn new stuff. 

Microsoft 365 technologies addicted. But – not anymore. Loves also another technologies. Mostly related to the Security.

If there is something to do which I don’t know how to do that – I will try to learn it and deliver it if is related to my current work.

Father of two Kids and Husband. Living in Poland, nearby the Warsaw.

If you want to check my work experience, find me on the LinkedIn. Will be much faster!