Disable News and Interest using MEM (Intune)

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Learn how to disable News and Interest using MEM (Intune)

On the last version of Windows (20H2) every user received a “nice” feature, which is located on the Taskbar. It’s called News and Interest.

For me is not necessary and I can right-click on my taskbar and disable it. But for most organizations, that option should be configured by IT Admins.

You can use it for that GPO settings, but I will use MEM – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (the old name: Intune)

To disable this setting, create a new Settings catalog and select the News and Interest section.

Enable it or disable it by default for all users.

Disable News and Interest using MEM (Intune)

After that, assign to a group of devices.

On the next reboot (or resetting explorer.exe process) that option will be gone.

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