Deploy Synology VPN Client using MEM and PSAppDeployToolkit

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Learn how to deploy Synology VPN Client using MEM and PSAppDeployToolkit

Because I have a Synology router at home – you can read the entire article here and I deployed a VPN Plus Server with Synology VPN on this same router I wanted to automatically install a client on my machines. I don’t want to manually download the MSI file and click next, next, next, etc…

So I decided to use PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) for that case.

About PSADT I wrote an article Deploy fonts using PSAppDeployTookit through Microsoft Endpoint Manager

So, let’s start. I downloaded an MSI from the VPN Plus Server page, moved it to the Files folder on the PSADT location, and on the Installation phase I just used the command:

Execute-MSI -Action 'Install' -Path "$dirFiles/SynoVPN.msi" -AddParameters "ALLUSERS=1"

For the uninstallation method I provided a command:

Execute-MSI -Action 'Uninstall' -Path '{40BA7725-90D6-4377-9F4A-F009CA096592}'

After that, I packed it using Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool and moved to Intune.

For a detection method I provided a MSI without version:


And… It is everything. The client is installing from a system Context on the Intune.

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