Working with Partner Center to import Surface devices to the Customer tenant

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This is short post which will show you how to import Surface devices to the Customer Tenant via the Partner Center.

Why I’m writing about it? Because it is requirement to use DFCI – Device Firmware Configuration Interface by Customer with Intune.

Why the Customer just cannot import the device manually like for the another devices?

Because… If customer will upload device manually, for the Device DFCI profile will be not applied. If they want to use DFCI – CSP, Partner or someone else need to upload hash of devices to the Customer tenant via Partner Center. After that, profile will be applied.

First, you need to have Relationship with your customer if you’re Microsoft Partner.

Create it and provide specific Azure AD roles which you want to have on the Customer Tenant. On my case I will select Intune Administrator.

Second step – Partner role is required to approve by the Customer. Without this approve, you cannot work on the customer tenant.

Third step is apply profiles to specific devices on the Customer tenant via Partner Center.

To do that, go to the Customers > Customer List > select customer > Devices.

Click Apply profiles > create specific group with proper group tag if Customer is using Group Tags and upload proper file.

Here you need to be sure that you’re using PROPER csv file. What it does mean? For this step you need to add two columns on the first row:

  • Manufacturer
  • Device Model

Those columns can be empty on the rows, but they need to be defined on the first row. Without this – CSV file will be not properly imported. And finally, import that file.

Now if you go to the Windows devices > Enrollment on the Customer Intune tenant, group tag can be changed and proper Autopilot profile will be applied.

And next step – is working with DFCI!

Jakub Piesik

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