A long time with Sonos Move on my home…

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A quick review of Sonos Move after a long time of usage…

A long time ago I received a package from Sonos which contains their next product – Sonos Move. I heard about this company. I also had previously possibility to test their previous product – Sonos One which you can read the review here (Review was written in the Polish language).

I was very impressed with Sonos One. Especially, about the sound quality for home usage. They look beautiful, could extend configuration by adding other speakers and after that – you can build your cinema sound using that kind of speakers!

But here, I received something different. One speaker, not two. One speaker can be used without a power supply because has a built-in battery.

Also, this device like the previous one which I tested can be grouped to build a home cinema. You just need to buy additional Sonos Move and… Sonos Arc – and you have a fully, 2.1 “soundbar”. But I don’t know how it will be working due to the latency.

But if you want to play music in a couple of rooms in your home, just group those devices into one place and… Play the music. It’s simple. You can do that in the application.

Ah – the battery. From the Sonos site, I get information that the device can be powered on for up to 11 hours. It’s a quite big amount of time to listen to music when you’re outside of the home.

A long time with Sonos Move on my home...

The charger which is included in the box is quite interesting – because you don’t need to connect any cables. Just put down the device on the charger on the pins and… It will be charging. Also – if you forgot to take from home the charger which was included – use your USB-C charger!

Another thing – because it is mainly a speaker which is used outside of the home – it is also water-resistant (IP56) and drops resistants. So – use it outside of the home without thinking that you destroy it by accident. It’s very important information!

A long time with Sonos Move on my home...

But for that kind of functionality you need to pay the special price – The price is 399$ and for the Sonos One you need to pay 219$ – isn’t a low price, but… If you hear sound from that speaker for the first time – you will understand why you need to pay so much $$ for that device.

Besides the sound, the look is perfect. We are receiving the device, which is quite big (240x160x126mm), but not very heavy (3KG). Has a built-in handle to move from your room to another place. Room, beach or… swimming pool? On the top, you can see an LED that will show you the status of your device. Also, there are touch controls, not the physical ones which you can use to control your device. For more information on how to use them, please visit this website.

Sonos Move has also built-in functionality for Alexa / Google Home assistants. You don’t need to use your hands to turn on specific music, radio, or… set up an alarm for example. But please remember that only one assistant can be turned on at one time.

Another important thing. Mostly the time I’m turning on music from Spotify on my computer which I’m currently using. Using the Spotify application I can stream music to my Sonos device. Just need to select Sonos Move on the application. Also – the device is supporting the Apple AirPlay 2 – so which means I can stream the sound from my iPad to the device. Last time I was used that for learning some course about MD-100. Useful feature!

To customize this device, you should use the Sonos application on your phone. You can add additional services to your Sonos Device. I added YouTube Music, Spotify, and TuneIn, but the list is very, very long…

A long time with Sonos Move on my home...

Ah – the sound. For me – was perfect. For my usage – don’t need anything more. But I’m not a sound technician. I just need to hear the music of good quality. And Sonos Move gives me that possibility. Sonos is a brand that is famous for its great quality of sound. So – I think I don’t need to add anything more.

And the last words… That was a great time when I can have that device. Can take this outside, to the balcony. Take this device to the garden and listen to music. Yes. Worth buying, but only if you have free 399$…

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