Summary of the 2021 year for my blog and work!

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A summary about the 2021 year for the blog and work)How was this year? What I was able to do?

That wasn’t an easy year for me and my family.

In my private life, I changed my job in January. I left Credit-Suisse where I was working as a Support Senior Subject Matter Expert – SSME in the Windows 10 area. I was responsible for looking at issues on the devices before they will be visible globally on all of the devices and proactive actions to our environment.

After that, I joined ING Tech Poland – as a Senior DevOps Engineer. Finally, I found a job that was fully related to my private hobbies. Currently, I’m working with MEM aka Intune, and I’, responsible for a couple of areas. Also, I’m working with a great team, so… I’m happy in that area.

In July my second child was born – Son Michal. He wasn’t healthy in the beginning. In the almost first month of his life, he spends it in the hospital. My wife was visiting him every day, so I was spending the days with my first child and taking care of all home-related stuff. For now, looks that he is almost healthy, so… I think it will be everything ok.

About the Microsoft Certifications. I passed MD-100, AZ-104, PL-900, and SC-900. Any of those exams wasn’t easy for me. Couple of exams I canceled. For example, SC-300 and AI-900. For AI-900 I decided that isn’t interesting for me. For SC-300 I canceled because I didn’t have time to learn for it.

And here we are again, at the end of December. It’s almost the end of this year, so summarize my work for the whole community this year.

I wrote 35 posts this year.

Most of them were related to the Microsoft 365 environment, a couple of them were related to the Microsoft Exams and I published a couple of reviews of devices that I could test. And as always, a couple of reviews are still waiting to publish.

I also started working on my polish version of the blog – you can see it on website. For Now, there are only three articles.

I didn’t publish on any of the external websites this year and I will not copy posts title here, but if you want to review it, check this link

I had also one public presentation – on MeeTech#30 where I was speaking about MEM for beginners.

I started signups for the first training about MEM from Beginners to something more advanced. 95 people were signed up. The first training should be delivered in the middle of January. My mailbox is full of messages to deliver this training on other days, next editions, etc.

I become an MCT, but… Wasn’t able to deliver any of the training, so.. Bye, bye MCT in the next year 🙁

I spend a lot of time helping a Twitter and Facebook community…

I was nominated for the MVP award, but not received as I fully understandable for me now.

What have I not done?

I didn’t deliver a couple of important articles for me. Don’t know why.

As always, too much time on Netflix and Facebook and / Twitter.

Too many plans, too little time for everything.

Also, I didn’t spend too much time what I want with my family. Especially, with my wife.

Are they any plans for the new year?

Don’t know. If I don’t start working with Todoist / any other ToDo system – my plans are gone for now.

But I will try to do some progress with my life.

Jakub Piesik

Jakub Piesik

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