Quick review: Logitech MX Keys – the best keyboard which I had.

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I’m a guy, which is spending a lot, really a lot of time on the computer and I want to share some information about the best keyboard which I had a possibility to test.

A couple of months ago I received a package, where I was able to found a keyboard. I’m a big fan of testing keyboards. I had the possibility to test many of the devices, even last time I tested a keyboard similar to MX Keys – Logitech K780, which full review you can view here (This text is in the Polish language).

So – today I want to share some information about Logitech MX Keys.

The first thing – it is not a cheap product. Costs ~ 100$, in Poland will be more than 450 zł. It is a lot of money.

But the second thing – if you spend this money on this product, you will not regret this expense.

Third thing – it’s a very quiet keyboard, has an option to connect three different devices using Unify system or BT connection and has backlighting and what is also important – it is a full-size keyboard. It is not a mobile keyboard, laptop keyboard. It is also important for me, that has “home, up, down” buttons.

And that can be everything about it – it’s a very short review. But not this time.


It is rechargeable. You don’t need to buy batteries, has a built-in accumulator inside. Just use a USB-C charger to charge this device and work again. In my case – I needed to charge it one time per week. And what is important – you can work, while you charging this device, because the USB-C port is on top of the keyboard. Not in the underside of the keyboard. It’s on the top. On the Logitech site, you can read that this device can be used for up to 5 months without charging. Maybe yes – but without backlighting. I’ve used this backlighting all of the time.

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.

Multiple devices connected

Next thing – Logitech Unifying. In some devices, when you lost the receiver you will be not able to use this device anymore. Not here – just buy another receiver and start working again. But what is it?

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.


Connect up to six Logitech Unifying wireless mice or keyboards to one tiny set-and-forget Unifying USB receiver. Download Logitech Unifying software to easily add all of your Unifying products to a single Unifying receiver.

Source: Logitech website

This is a small USB device that you can connect to your laptop, desktop, or even tablet if you don’t have a Bluetooth connection.

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.

Ah! Bluetooth connection – can be also used to connect to another device. In my case, I’ve used this keyboard with two devices – one with a Logitech Unifying receiver which was connected to USB Docking Station, and with my iPad. But can be used with any other device which has a BT connection. And remember – you can connect up to three devices and switch between these devices with one click.

Logitech Options

It’s software created by Logitech, which can be used to manage the settings of our keyboard. Or mouse. Or another device that is compatible with Logitech Options. For example, my old Logitech keyboard is also compatible so I can edit dedicated keys!

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.

I can also edit multiple keys on the MXKeys which you can see on the above screenshot.

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.

There are many possibilities to edit multimedia keys. And what is important – you’re settings can be sent to the cloud for backup purposes. You just need to log on to the application.

The second tab is named Easy-Switch and it’s used for managing devices connected to our keyboard.

It’s quiet

I had many different keyboards. The mechanicals one – isn’t a quiet of keyboard. I always changed to Microsoft All-In_One keyboard. But with that keyboard, I don’t have a problem. It’s very quiet. I can say – that my keyboard in the laptop is louder than this MXKeys.

Quick review: Logitech MX Keys - the best keyboard which I had.

Last words…

It is worth buying that keyboard. Because it is quiet, multi-platform has backlighting and has a good battery inside – that cost is fully acceptable.

I wish to have this keyboard in the future in my home.

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