Short review: Transcend JetFlash 890 64GB

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There always a good reason to have a Pendrive with you!

Did you remember times, when Pendrive was a primary device to move your data between devices? That was… Many years ago!

When you last time used Pendrive?

I’m using it for Windows installation on simple machines (like when I’m fixing someone’s computers). There wasn’t another usage of Pendrive for me.

When Transcend sends to me a Pendrive to test I wasn’t known to which I want to use it.

Short review: Transcend JetFlash 890 64GB

So I found a couple of possibilities (but one is the most important for me) how I can use it.

Daily backup of work data to Pendrive to have a possibility to take with me.

In my previous article, I wrote some information about Hyper Backup on my Synology device.

I’ve configured to make a daily backup of documents and videos. There is some situation when I need to work on that things when I’m outside of my home. Also, I still don’t have configured VPN to my home, and NAS isn’t exposed to the Internet connection.

Sound like a good solution? Of course.

This Pendrive is very small. Only 28.6 mm x 14.3 mm x 8.6 mm.

Has two USB ports – USB type C and USB 3.1 Gen 1. So, what is important can be used with Windows / macOS but also with Android devices that have a USB-C port.

This device support OTG.

Short review: Transcend JetFlash 890 64GB

On the Android platform, we have a dedicated software named Transcend Elite, which can be used to make backup data (like photos, movies, etc.) from your phone.

If 64GB is not enough for you, you can buy a 128GB version. There is also a smaller version, 32GB if that will be enough for you.

Unfornalently, you cannot use two USB connectors at one time, so please remember about this.

What with the performance of this Pendrive?

Short review: Transcend JetFlash 890 64GB

Could be better, but… I think for home purposes is ok. The above screenshot is a sample file with 4GB of size, the screenshot from below is for 1GB

Short review: Transcend JetFlash 890 64GB

From my perspective, Pendrives are still useful in certain situations, also that is good to have some hardware storage in your home for “backup” the most important things or move data between devices if you don’t have a NAS solution or you don’t want to use any of cloud solution for that case.

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