Summary of 2020!

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A summary about the 2020 year for my blog

Today, it is the last day of the 2020 year. In the next couple of hours, we will be in the 2021 year. But there will be any different for us? That is only changing a number in a year. Nothing more. We are starting counting from the beginning.

What was this year for me personally? Very difficult.

I decided to “close” my old blog – I’m middle of moving all of the posts. From all 136 posts on the old blog, I already moved almost 100. Only 36 are left to move. I should finish that by to end of January. I will not delete my blog, that will be a permanent redirect to this blog.

A couple of days ago, I also decided to leave my current job, where I learned a lot. Starting from February 2021 I will be working with Endpoint Manager technologies. That will be a big opportunity for me.

Couple of words about my blog.

In the 2020 year, I wrote 32 posts. That will be 33 posts. Isn’t a good result. Last year, I wrote 57 posts. I’m isn’t surprised, because I tried to spend more time with my daughter.

Let’s list the whole of posts here.

I will start from posts written in Polish language:

I have written more posts in the English language than in Polish. Nice!

Let’s move to english posts:

Public speakings

That was a quite good year for this. I was given public speaking, especially about Powershell, Microsoft Graph, Intune, and AIP / DLP in M365.

Here is a list of my public speaking:

As I can count, this year I provided 6 public speakings. but only three have posts with presentations. As I said – that was a very good year for me. Next year I will try to repeat this result.

What things were going bad?

There was an idea to create an aggregator for all blogs about Microsoft 365 technologies. I already bought a domain etc… About this idea you can read it here: All blog posts about Microsoft technologies in one place?. But I’m not leaving this project. I will be back to this!

Another thing that was bad for me…

I didn’t write multiple posts that I want to write. Android with Intune, more posts about the home lab, Synology? The rest of the posts of that series are waiting in my queue. For now, I have a big backlog. I need to learn how to manage my time and try to write more on this blog.

I spend too much time on Social Media 🙁

Statistic of visitors on my blog

Like last year, I will show you how statistic from Google Analytics looks like.

I will start with the current blog:

Summary of 2020)

And now… my old blog which will be retired on next year.

Summary of 2020)

Interesting… I didn’t publish any post from 5 months on my old blog but still has more visitors than this one. I need to move all posts and try to work on some SEO.

Plans, plans everywhere!

I need to start using Microsoft Planner / To-Do to make plans about posts and series of posts. That should help me a lot.

I’m still thinking about this aggregator. There is no site like this one that I want to create.

The first posts which I want to write will be about the usage of ATKeys. It is important for me to finish that blog posts series.

After that – Synology.

Also, I need to start creating tutorials on Youtube.

So, you’re still with me?

Jakub Piesik

Jakub Piesik

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