My home lab – part two

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Second post about my Home Lab.

Did you remember my last post about my home lab?

There are two changes: HV01 now has a 16GB of RAM and a second hard drive: M.2 120GB. For lab purposes, it’s enough. Now I will be able to install the WSUS machine too on this hardware.

What is progress with general installation?

I installed three Windows Server on HV01, HV02, and HV03, updated it, and installed the Hyper-V role.

After installing a Hyper-V role there was a time to create three machines on HV01 – which will be used for:

  • AD DS + DNS – HV01-M01
  • Azure AD Connect – HV01-M02
  • WAC + RAST – HV01-M03

The next step was to install AD DS + DNS roles on the HV01-M01 machine. That was done by using GUI – so nothing special. Domain has Windows Server 2016 level – so newest which we can use.

A domain name is:

After the configuration of Active Directory, I joined all of those machines to my AD. Now it looks like this:

My home lab - part two

And what’s interesting – you can see that I created my own Site to have all (two servers ;)) AD on one site. Maybe there will be a possibility to create a new Site on the future and make some fun configuration later.

About Sites and Services you can read here. It’s a post on the Polish language.

Now it’s everything. In the next part, we will configure WAC + Remote Server Administration Tools to manage all of those servers from one machine.


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