Deploying Wi-Fi profile connection using Intune

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On that post I want to show you how to deploy Wi-Fi profile using Intune. That means – user don’t need to know what is a password for our small Wi-Fi network.

Let’s start!

First we should create new Device Profile with settings:

  • Platform: Windows 10 and later
  • Profile type: Wi-Fi
Deploying Wi-Fi profile connection using Intune

When we select proper option, we can start with configure our settings. On 3 you need to insert SSID and Connection Name, on 4 you need insert password to your network.

It will works only when you have WPA(2) WiFi connection. If you have Enterprise network – select Enterprise instead of Basic on Wi-Fi type.

After assignment policy should deploy without any issues. When user disconnect LAN cable – Wi-Fi connection will connect automatically.

From end-user there is not exist any requirements.

Have fun!

Jakub Piesik

Jakub Piesik

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